For car retailers, photographing new additions to their stock is essential. Especially now that the web showroom is now ever more important. The transfer from offline to online raises the value of buying attractive online car presentations. But creating great car photographs suitable for the net is a time-consuming job. Furthermore, it’s nearly impossible to maintain with developments in neuro-scientific 360-degree photography and videography.

It’s a shame to create hastily shot picture series on the internet; these often detract from a good car stock. Many companies come across the same problems when it comes to car picture taking:

✘ Autos have a active background and are not lighted properly.
✘ Photo series shortage consistency and appear messy and sloppy.
✘ The quality of your vehicle photos is determined by who has used them.
✘ Weather conditions often cause car photographs to be less attractive.

Professional photos for big and smaller motor vehicle companies
We’ve found big automotive companies want to photo a great number of cars per day. Sometimes as many as 30 to 90 each day! So for a big automotive company efficiency, acceleration and trustworthiness are of the most importance.
But smaller companies in the automotive industry are looking for high-quality photo series as well now, even if indeed they only photograph a dozen cars weekly. For most motor vehicle companies, creating the right image space is the biggest challenge.

Choosing the right photography location
What should you look out for when locating a photography space in your business?

1. Logical positioning
The location should be positioned conveniently inside your routing. Particularly when you intend to photograph a big number of automobiles every day, this is vital. It’s practical to put the photo studio room near to the car wash/cleaning department.
2. Easy accessibility and exit
There must be no obstacles for each car to drive in and from the studio quickly. With the right software, you can arranged the admittance and exit position of your cars in the rotation programme. So that it doesn’t subject if the entry position is not the right picture taking position.
3. Avoid daylight
Day light looks good, but sadly it can’t be controlled. Which has a photo studio you have full control over light.
4. Practical space
Create a track record and floor that are practical within the ‘filthy surroundings’ of the automotive business.

A good photography space should be in a convenient location inside your company; it should not hinder your daily activities. On top of that, the picture space should not get dirty when you are not using it for per day. A suitable picture space should have at least the next 4 elements:

✓ Good photography equipment in the right positions.

✓ A neutral background or back wall.

✓ Proper lighting (and procedures against disrupting light from outdoors).

✓ A well balanced and stable car turntable.


Be prepared for trends in car picture taking
For big as well as small car retailers it’s important to make a picture location that can grow combined with the company in the foreseeable future. A well balanced and sturdy turntable is the building blocks of any photo space. For creating photography series quickly, a turntable needs exact placement. Furthermore, a turntable can expand along with future software advancements.

The need for a solid car turntable
Frequently a turntable is known as to be of secondary importance. People underestimate how much vitality it takes to truly have a heavy product such as a car stop and start turning repeatedly on a daily basis. It needs a durable and virtually maintenance-free revolving program.
A turntable for autos should be reliable, strong and future-oriented. The differences among car turntables and control options on the marketplace are enormous. Be sure to compare the many providers of turntables in the automotive industry well.

Take advice from turntable producer Pre-Motion
As manufacturers of turntables we’ve been associated with car photography since 2011. We observe that the need for professional automotive photographer series of autos in the motor vehicle industry is increasing. By now, we have collaborated with all sorts of automotive parties. We’ve designed various photography locations and can offer you stable advice about the options for a picture studio room with car turntable in your company’s building.