TIN CUP, “The Ultimate Indoor Golf Practice Chipping Game,” created by RUGG Golf founder Bill Van Arsdale of Naples, Florida, is now available through a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter.com.

Get in on the fun in the worldwide launch of TIN CUP, the Ultimate Indoor Golf Practice Chipping Game. TIN CUP improves your short game by making it convenient and FUN to practice chipping and pitch shots at home year-round. Great for hand-eye coordination, muscle memory and developing a deadly chipping stroke. Super cool for events and parties.

TIN CUP is the new, ingeniously simple indoor chipping game that makes it convenient and fun to practice chipping all year round at home. Matching super-light precision plastic RUGG Golf balls with the plush Tin Cup: The Ultimate Indoor Golf Practice Chipping Game Target Rug and RUGG Golf Slope Base for realistic shot action, TIN CUP features 14 slope positions, 9 target positions and 10 hole lengths for over 1,000 hole setups that can be made easy for beginners or very challenging even for pros.

If you like playing golf, you will love playing TIN Cup. It’s not just fun, it really improves your chipping game. Good chipping is all about muscle memory, and TIN CUP keeps your short game sharp all year round.

Because most amateur players like you and me personally miss a lot of greens in regulation, we live chipping and pitching throughout the greens a whole lot, from 8 to 14 times a circular for many of us. Unless you are receiving these photographs inside the magic 6 ft . group with regularity, you are shedding strokes all during your rounded. Dave Pelz message or calls these chip and pitch injections “the finesse game” and he’s proven this area of the game is the most important key to cutting your handicap. If you start striking these shots within 6 ft, you are going to dramatically decrease your scores.

With an increase of shots lost in the finesse game than any other facet of golf, it is ironic that is the main one area most golfers practice the least. A typical weekend golfer strikes a bucket of balls to warm-up, takes some putts, maybe visits a few potato chips, and then minds off to the first tee. Most of us don’t have time for much more than that. The short game gets the brief shift.

If you have ever thought about learning the game, or want to introduce your kids and friends to the joys (and challenges) of golf, TIN CUP is a great way to start.

“Chip and pitch shots are a critical part of golf that most weekend amateurs don’t practice very much,” says inventor and RUGG Golf president Bill Van Arsdale. “TIN CUP gets makes it convenient to practice all year round at home and, with its simple bullseye-type scoring system and variety of games, TIN CUP is also super-fun to play with families and friends.”

The RUGG Golf Balls hook, slice and land with backspin for fun, realistic play and reflect the quality of each swing. “This game is just like golf,” says Van Arsdale. “Swing well and score well. Put a poor swing on it and you know right away. Playing TIN CUP really gives great feedback on each shot. It definitely improves your short game when you get on the golf course. Tin Cup also can be easily set up in multi-hole layouts for winter or rainy day play at golf clubs and resort

There is an extensive Game Setup and Instruction booklet “in large type for old folks like me,” notes Van Arsdale, with many different game variations that allow different skill levels to compete.

“While the real purpose of this game is to make chipping practice fun and convenient so golfers of all levels can improve their short game, and gives family and friends a fun game to play together at home, we really hope that Tin Cup will introduce potential newcomers to the joys of swinging a golf club and expand the game of golf, especially to kids who otherwise might never take up the game